Exercise is optional, but movement is mandatory

December 18, 2018
Categories: Wellness

Exercise is optional, but movement is mandatory. If you’re 65 or better, your goals may not be to run a marathon or to have rock hard abs. However, bet they do include staying independent so you can do the things you find interesting and fun! That means we all need to keep moving.

Movement is the answer. Additionally, movement is the best way to lower the risk and/or manage many diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, Parkinson’s, and heart disease. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that each week adults perform at least 150 minutes of cardio respiratory exercise; resistance training 2-3 days; and flexibility training at least 2 days. Make your good health your #1 priority! A walk or run for 15 minutes in the morning, a 30-minute strength, balance and flexibility class after lunch and another 15 minute walk or run after dinner. This breaks the time up, and you receive all the benefits of exercise!

Here at Sterling Estates, we focus on the philosophy that Movement Creates Improvement™! We offer many options to get active including a variety of group exercises classes, one on one personal training, water aerobics and non-traditional exercise such as Bocce ball, gardening, and walking, Simba, our community’s Cavapoo puppy. We work with you to help you to stay as independent as possible. Go ahead, get up and get moving. Anything is acceptable! Start walking the neighborhood, or attend a community water aerobics class, play golf with friends or take up gardening.

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