Can You Hear Me Now?

June 1, 2018
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A smile appears on a woman’s face as her husband responds to that question, “Yes, I can hear you now!” They both feel excitement and relief, but for different reasons! Earlier that day, the husband had seen an audiologist to get hearing aids; his journey into a better and healthier lifestyle had only just begun. Once thought to be “selective hearing” on the husband’s part, was actually a true health problem with multiple emotional and physical side effects that were becoming a problem for both him AND his wife.

Many of life’s best things happen through the ears … so what are the negative consequences of poor hearing?

The Effects of Untreated Hearing Loss

Physical issues regarding balance and risk of falling
Fatigue, tension, stress and depression
Social withdrawal and loneliness
Reduced alertness and increased risk to personal safety
Impaired memory and potential link to Alzheimer’s
Diminished psychological and overall health

The good news is … there is hope! Cutting edge technology has helped to improve the quality of life for those who suffer from hearing loss in most cases. Unlike the hearing aids in previous generations, today’s hearing aids are virtually unnoticeable, comfortable and very easy to use. An audiologist can fit your ears much the same way as getting prescription eyeglasses. With ears, an audiologist will prescribe hearing aids based on what you can currently hear, range of pitches, tones, etc.… In layman’s terms, whatever your ear is crying out for, an audiologist can help by giving it what it wants!

At our Sterling Estates communities, our Nurses’ staffs, Wellness Directors and Life Enrichment Directors and staffs are all trained to watch and notice loss of hearing in residents. Living at home alone increases the risk that loss of hearing goes unnoticed for a longer period of time. Our staffs have been educated on how to help hard of hearing residents with any compensatory strategies. We SHOW a resident how to do something, as well as making sure to have eye contact with them. During exercises classes we not only say what we are doing we perform the exercises with the residents so that hearing is not a barrier during exercise. We do this not only in our Exercise Classes but also in many of our activities in our multipurpose activity center. We will hold personal training sessions with residents to ensure they are getting the most beneficial workout possible. We also help residents change batteries in their hearing aids, cleaning them, or changing the filters.

At our Sterling Estates communities, to ensure that residents get the most out of their hearing aids, we have audiologists come out to our locations on a frequent basis to do hearing screenings, troubleshooting issues that residents are having with their hearing aids, as well as educating residents on taking care of their own hearing aids. Pictured below is Dr. Greenblatt doing a hearing screening last month at our East Cobb location.

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