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Brain Health: “What was I Thinking?”

September 14, 2017

As we age, we sometimes worry about not being able to remember things and if our brains will always function properly. Here’s some great news: studies have shown physical exercise helps us maintain a healthy brain. It is believed that this occurs due to many factors including improved blood flow to the brain. A new report also shows that seniors who stay socially active have reduced incidence of dementia.

Consider: when you go on a walk outside, you must look where you are going, have strength to keep you upright, and think about stepping over curbs or small objects that may be in your way. A lot of interaction with your brain and muscles occurs to move your legs, your eyes to look for what’s in front of you, and your heart to deliver more blood to the muscles so that walking can occur. Research has shown that an all-around exercise program composed of strength, aerobic fitness, balance, and flexibility is most effective at improving cognitive function.

We know that regular exercise has a variety of benefits including improving your mood, reducing anxiety and stress, and helping us sleep better, which all lead to better cognitive ability. Other known ways to maintain a healthy brain includes performing “brain games” such as word finds, crossword puzzles, or Sudoku puzzles. Playing bridge, cribbage, canasta, a friendly game of poker or other card games make you think and also interact socially with others. The time is now, so let’s get started! Be social: get with your friends and go for a daily walk around your neighborhood or local park; find a group of friends to play cards with or work on the daily crossword, Jumble, or Sudoku puzzles.

Here at Sterling Estates, we offer a variety of programs, activities, and resources that can help improve brain function. This includes daily exercise classes such as Tai Chi, seated and standing aerobic and strength classes, water aerobics, and Zumba. We also offer the Dakim BrainFitness program, which engages residents in easy-to-use, personalized mental workouts on a regular basis. We stay very social throughout the day: we gather at mealtime; we have lots of differing activities, educational speakers, musical performances, parties, and happy hours, etc. We take trips to cultural events; plays, symphonies and museums. We can’t stop the aging process, but we can try our best to slow it down!

How to Reduce Your Risk for Falling:

September 14, 2017

As you age, your risk for falling dramatically increases. These falls can change your life in many ways. When discussing fall prevention, there are 2 main factors to consider. Assessing and making changes in your environment and fitness level should be the primary focus when trying to prevent falls.

1. Create a Safe Environment at Home

Does your home have any obstacles in your walking path? Are there any rugs present? Is there enough lighting throughout? Do your shoes fit properly? Do you have grab bars in your bathroom?

If you want to stay as independent as possible, try to check off this list when examining your home.

• Proper Lighting

• Space to roam throughout

• Type of flooring is even and the same height;

are rugs present

• Furniture is the right height 20” from the floor

• Cabinets are easy to reach

• Support Bars are installed

• Vision Checks yearly

• Proper Fitting Footwear

• Front Entrance is easily accessible

• Medicines that do not have counteractive side effects

2. Start a Fitness Program.

[Before starting a fitness program, always make sure to consult your doctor.]

A well designed fitness plan includes a variety of exercises and should include the following:

• Water Therapy. This will reduce joint stress, assist in eliminating inflammation, and strengthen muscles.

• Strength exercises. Participate in exercises that specifically focus on your small muscle groups to improve your overall balance.

• Dynamic exercises. These are functional exercises that incorporate more than one movement.

• Balance Apparatus. These are machines that are specifically geared towards improving balance and proprioception by teaching the body and brain to control weak muscles and joints. Examples are Biodex Balance Machines that help record your balance challenges and track areas of improvements.

At Sterling Estates, we strive to improve our Residents’ balance and fall risk. We accomplish this by engaging them in Balance Challenges, Warm Water Therapy, Dyna-Fit Classes, and One-on-one Personal Training. All of these exercises help to improve balance and proprioception.

Focusing on Strength, Balance and Room Safety guarantee you are heading in the right direction to reducing your risk of falling!

The Healing Benefits of Water Exercise

September 14, 2017

The aging process can present many frustrating dilemmas for seniors. One dilemma that can be particularly challenging is exercise. What can we do when the fears of falling or joint injuries rob us of the benefits of exercise? We encourage you to find a Water Aerobics Program in your local area.

Water exercise is the perfect light intensity exercise for seniors. Exercising in a heated, saltwater therapeutic pool that has a depth of approximately 4 feet provides a buoyant, “weightless” environment so that you don’t have to worry about falling and have joint protection. Even though your knees or back may hurt while on land, warm water therapy allows pain-free walking. The benefits of water aerobics also include regaining mobility and strength after injury; decreased pain; improved balance and range of motion; increased strength; and increased cardio respiratory endurance. Conditions such as Parkinson’s, arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic back and spine pain can also be relieved through warm water therapy.

Classes usually last 30 minutes to an hour and participating two to three times per week is optimal; although, just getting started is the key! Indoor aquatic pools in the Marietta area can be found at local YMCA’s and certain senior living communities. Both of our Sterling Estates communities in East and West Cobb have indoor, 92-degree heated, saltwater pools where our certified aquatic instructors perform group water aerobic classes and personalized training sessions with our residents. We use foam dumbbells, noodles, and ankle weights as aids for strength and conditioning. We also host classes for individuals who don’t live in our communities but live in the local area and allow Integrated Therapies, an outpatient aquatic physical therapy company, to use our pools to help their patients.

Once you start these water exercise sessions, you’ll be glad you did! Stay Sterling Strong!

Sterling Estates Celebrating Our 5th Anniversary, Come Join us September 7th

August 8, 2017

Winner of "2016 Taste of East Cobb" Culinary Competition

June 9, 2016

Sterling Estates of East Cobb Wins 1st Place against East Cobb restaurants in Culinary Competition

MARIETTA, Ga. - June 9, 2016 - PRLog -- Sterling Estates of East Cobb, a local Independent and Assisted Living community recently won a culinary award at an annual, popular local food festival in Marietta, Ga. called "Taste of East Cobb". Taste of East Cobb is a premier outdoor food festival and community event for "foodies" of all ages, and has become a favorite annual tradition of area residents since 2006.

The festival is held each year on the first Saturday in May and showcases the area's finest restaurants. Roughly 30 area restaurants and businesses like Sterling Estates of East Cobb who have restaurants that serve their residents participated in the food tasting contests.

"Being part of the Taste of East Cobb in the restaurant category again was so much fun," Sharon Egitton, Assistant Executive Director of Sterling Estates said. "Our culinary team served a never-ending stream of our own Sterling Estates crab cakes, cucumber salad, and the winning entry, Thai meatballs to happy East Cobb residents.

"Many locals visited our booth multiple times, and we frequently were asked where our restaurant was! Even when we shared that we are a senior living community, people wanted to know if the public was welcome for dinner," Ms. Egitton explained.

Sterling Estates of East Cobb, and Sterling Estates of West Cobb, are two of Marietta and Greater Atlanta's premier senior living communities that serve Atlanta's growing senior population. Sterling Estates of East Cobb situated on a 10-acre campus has a combination of 102 cottages and apartments. Sterling Estates of West Cobb which will open in August of 2016 sits on 25 acres in a neighborhood setting and when complete will have over 190 cottage, garden homes and apartments. As part of their services to their residents, Sterling Estates provides a variety of fine dining venues on their campuses from their Sterling Grill, Main Dining restaurants and their Casual Cafés.

Senior living community coming to Marietta

March 4, 2016

Sterling Estates Senior Living Communities is building a $53 million, 197-unit independent living and assisted living development in Marietta, Ga.

The project is called Sterling Estates of West Cobb. The development is Sterling Estates’ second senior living community in Marietta. It opened Sterling Estates of East Cobb in August of 2012.

Marietta, Ga.-based Sterling Estates reported the project will create nearly 200 jobs during construction. Once operational, the community will have between 50-60 employees and an annual payroll of $2.5 million to $3 million.

Sterling Estates reported the community sits on about 25 acres between Barrett Parkway and The Avenue West Cobb at 3165 Dallas Highway in Marietta. It will have 65 Independent Living cottages and garden homes, 42 Independent one and two bedroom apartments and 90 studio, one and two bedroom assisted living apartments.

Upscale amenities will include walking trails, a clubhouse, courtyards, parks and a variety of dining options, including the Sterling Grill, and a wellness center with an indoor, heated, salt-water aerobic pool.

The project will be complete in August. To read this story online please click here.

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